Aindra Labs has been selected for Airbus Global Aerospace Accelerator Bootcamp Cohort 5 that took place in Bangalore on 9-10 September 2019. This was achieved after a Global Start-up competition held online in July 2019 where we applied for Bangalore Bootcamp. To explain the rationale for accelerator location, Airbus has a network of global accelerators (called Airbus BizLab) in France (Toulouse), Germany (Hamburg), India (Bangalore) and Spain (Madrid) and for obvious reasons we chose India as our Start-up office Headquarters is located in Bangalore (we have a branch Office at Chile, South America too).

In Airbus BizLab startups and Airbus intrapreneurs speed up the transformation of innovative ideas into valuable businesses. This was an intensely competitive process where hundreds of Start-ups all over the World applied in July 2019 in the following categories :

  • Satellite Imagery Services
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
  • Data Analytics
  • Blockchain
  • Cyber Security

In the end, about 60 odd Start-ups were chosen as a select pool of Start-ups for the  Airbus Global Aerospace Accelerator Bootcamp Cohort 5 held in September 2019 spread across the globe in 4 locations – France (Toulouse), Germany (Hamburg), India (Bangalore) and Spain (Madrid). For Airbus BizLab accelerator in India (Bangalore), 16 Start-ups were chosen as follows:-

  1. Alluvium
  2. Oizom
  3. Liradolf
  4. Unifize
  5. Blue Sky
  6. Multifun
  7. Aindra Labs
  8. Tequed Labs
  9. Ambee
  10. Headway AI
  11. Aero 360
  12. Sagar Defense
  13. Asimov Robotics
  14. Syook
  15. Astrogate

Similar number of start-ups were chosen for the other 3 locations (Toulouse, Hamburg, Madrid) as well for the Airbus Global Accelerator focused on Aviation technologies. Essentially, the Airbus BizLab has developed a “hybrid” concept to closely collaborate with startups while allowing smaller organizations to better understand the needs and ways of working with large groups. Over the past four years, Airbus BizLab has hosted 72 start-ups and 54 Airbus internal projects in its six-month program at the four locations mentioned earlier. It is a melting pot community where BizLabers are encouraged to share expertise and to exchange experiences, including setbacks.

Aindra Labs Co-Founders Rito and Abhishek with one of the Airbus Coaches

The Bootcamp in Bangalore was an intense two-day Selection Program among these 16 Start-ups, focused on defining collaboration opportunities between Start-ups and Airbus. Airbus’ main goal of the two days is to identify the collaboration use cases and select the best teams to take part in the global acceleration program. The Bootcamp consisted of learning sessions, workshops, networking, expert feedback, team building, coaching and pitch training. The culmination of the Bootcamp was a pitch presentation of the developed use case and potential value of a collaboration in front of the Airbus jury for Bangalore, that consisted of some of the following high-profile Airbus executives (the designations may not be entirely official as penned down from memory) :

Airbus Jury with one of the Startups

Day 1 of the Bootcamp consisted of developing ideas for collaboration use cases with the support of Airbus BizLab coaches. The Airbus Coaches are  Airbus BizLab representatives for each Start-up during the Bootcamp and their mentors throughout the whole acceleration process. Then we also met Airbus experts during the Bootcamp, get their feedback on the use cases, select the most promising one and conceptualize it for the final pitch on Day 2. Airbus Experts are employees of Airbus who offered their specific industry skills and expertise to the Start-ups during the Bootcamp so that we can effectively identify best-fit use cases of working with Airbus.

At the start of the Bootcamp

Once the use-cases are developed, Day 2 of the Bootcamp consisted of the final Pitch competition among these select 16 Start-ups, with help from the Airbus Coaches and experts to the Start-ups to prepare for the pitch within the limited time. Each startup had 4 minutes to pitch, followed by 3 minutes for Q&A. Following 4 guidelines were used for the pitch competition :

  • Team [Relevance of the team, leadership experience, availability, complementary skills, key people, partnerships]
  • Technology [Innovation/concept can be implemented and brings value to Airbus and its ecosystem]
  • Market/Business Model [Relevant market size, customers and competition well-identified, dynamic, competitive advantage (differentiation), protection (IP), market access, strong business model]
  • Fit with Airbus/Potential Use Case – [Fit with strategic objectives of Airbus; potential POC with Airbus unit]
During the use-case development discussions

We went to the Bootcamp with a primary use-case in mind and two secondary use-cases, but post extensive consultation with Airbus Coaches and Experts in Day 1 of the Bootcamp we realized that one of our two secondary use-cases is actually most-suited for Airbus and that is the use-case (Structural Defect Detection using Computer Vision) we pitched in Day 2. It was a great learning experience for us while discussing the merits and demerits of our use-cases with Airbus Coaches and Experts, and learning some of the practical problems Airbus faces while applying technology was very insightful indeed. While the Bootcamp was grueling, especially in Day 1, we came out satisfied going through it as we interacted with quite a few industry stalwarts and domain experts in Airbus as well as some great Start-ups in this Bootcamp, with whom we not only competed but co-operated as well after Bootcamp got over and learned and benefited from them in the process. We firmly believe Co-opetition is the best way for the Indian Start-up ecosystem to grow and prosper.

Aindra Labs Co-Founder Rito at the start of the Bootcamp

Aindra Labs, one of the Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Start-ups in India is creating Computer-Vision (CV) and Machine-Learning (ML) based products and was incubated in the World-class accelerator of Start-up Chile in 2017-18. We are a Finalist for Defense India Startup Challenge (DISC 2) and was also selected among the top 36 AI and IoT global Start-ups in the prestigious 2019 Smart City Summit & Expo (SCSE) event at Taipei, Taiwan. Aindra Labs was featured in the world’s best industrial report privier – Gartner on their April 2019 issue on “Facial Recognition for Enhanced Physical Security — Differentiating the Good, the Bad and the Ugly” Currently, our Industrial AI platform is leveraged by leading BFSI companies in India and Latin America, Defense and Government organizations and a couple of Fortune 100 companies. 

Aindra Labs has a vision to develop AI based products for a sustainable society and better tomorrow.

Aindra realizes this vision by delivering ready to use AI models via their AI as Productized Services (AI-aaS) platform developed for mission-critical operations in Industrial AI, Smart Cities, BFSI, Aerospace and Defense.

Aindra Labs has been striving to democratize AI by providing wherewithal to our clients with Self-Generate custom made models contextualized for B2B enterprises. This means, Aindra Labs brings industrial-grade AI capabilities with its ready-to-use AI models for Target Identification & Classification, Predictive Analytics, Anomaly Detection, Aviation, Intelligent Traffic Management System, Face Verification and Recognition to B2B and B2G clients. These AI models are designed to be deployed in quick turn around time for our clients and meet their business needs. Each of these AI models are contextualized according to the client’s real-life data and their deployment scenarios. Aindra Labs further fast tracks the entire process of development of custom made models by making its automated annotation, training and synthetic data generation tools available to their valuable clients from various sectors spread across India, Middle East and Latin America.