AIndra Labs is one of the winners of the AI 50: AI x IoT x Smart City, an initiative by 2019 Smart City Summit and Expo, Taiwan. The event featured 50 AI/IOT startup companies from around the globe, showcasing the most cutting edge applications in smart cities.

Cities are struggling to keep up with the unprecedented population growth and other challenges such as climate change, water shortage and air pollution. These challenges demand new and smarter solutions in infrastructure. The concept of smart cities entails building cities which can cater to the present needs as well as adapt to the uncertain future. You can read more about what are smart cities and how technology will change the way we live here.

Smart City Summit & Expo, was established in 2014. It is one of the biggest platforms by Taiwan ICT industry to present their smart city solutions. It is also the biggest IoT application exhibition in Asia.

This is the sixth edition of this event and will be held at Taipei, Taiwan. The city leaders from all over the world will be gathered in Taipei to exchange their experience in smart city development, learning a diversity of innovative applications and solutions, and thus inspire the growth of smart cities worldwide through communications among suppliers and buyers.

AIndra Labs will also take part in this Expo as one of the selected ‘Ai and Smart Living’ Exhibitor, which will take place on March 26 – 29, 2019 and our Co-founder Rito Bhaumik  will be speaking on Industry Applications of AI at the “AI 50: AI x IOT x SMART CITY” Forum. Join us and learn more about Artificial Intelligence in Smart Cities.