The world is facing an unprecedented challenge. 

In one way or the other due to the pandemic, we all have to change our normal routine, which will become our new normal for some time.

Citizens are doing their part by social distancing, healthcare workers, volunteers and first responders are taking care of many of us, the government is providing funds and resources and we at Aindra Labs are ensuring the safety and well-being of our employees, customers, and partners which has always been our top priority.

But we believe, we can do more. 

We need a strong collaborative effort keeping humanity at the core to move ahead during these uncertain times. So, we are bringing together the clients, developers, partners, academic institutions, NGOs and other relevant entities to combat this global outbreak.

Vision: To develop AI-based products for a sustainable society and better tomorrow. 

As part of our core values and vision, it’s our responsibility to give back to the community especially at the time of crisis.

Below are the COVID-19 related use cases which we would like to collaborate as mentioned above to curb the coronavirus pandemic.

Aindra Labs to offer free AI-powered Face Recognition and Geofencing app to track people in quarantine

In order to remotely onboard and accurately identify the COVID -19 suspects undergoing either voluntary or mandatory home quarantine, Aindra provides Smartphone based Al powered Identity Verification and Geo-Fencing app to curb the spread.

The application establishes the absolute number of people under home quarantine and verifies them in real time to alert any movement outside the geofence. 

Geofence can assist the officials in monitoring those under home quarantine are strictly adhering to the regulations or not and intimate the same to the concerned authorities.

Home quarantine has now become mandatory and not optional and hence, it’s crucial to properly collect and manage identity information in order to verify patient / suspect identity for compliance regulations, prevent medical identity theft and meet other regulatory requirements. The convenience of a virtual consultation / monitoring should not come at the expense of personal security.

Aindra’s Smart phone-based Identity Verification app, which leverages facial recognition for user authentication is critical to establish the identity, count and unauthorized movement of the home quarantine people.

The same application is also being used by healthcare workers, volunteers and employees involved in community services and emergency services on-the-field.  The application also helps Fund providers and NGOs to identify social and health workers who are constantly putting effort. This is required so that funds and support can be delivered to the exact location to authorized and relevant people such as health workers, staff and patients at any given location.

Aindra’s face recognition and people counting system is built on government-grade level security to ensure data privacy is maintained.

Identity Verification and Geofencing

AI-powered Computer Vision-based Thermal Imaging and Crowd Analytics platform to alert high body temperatures, personal hygiene maintenance and identify people violating pandemic regulations for surveillance.

Problem Statement: An absence of a mechanism to track COVID-19 prone individuals leads to the spread of the virus. This is to track their movements while raising alarms to concerned authorities by verifying their body temperature and whether they have worn masks & gloves. Subsequently, alerting individuals and authorities who might have come in contact with COVID-19 patients.

Description: COVID-19 proliferation/spread is best contained when the general public practices social distancing as a standard procedure in all public places no matter whether they are infected or not. Since the COVID-19 virus can survive on a variety of surfaces from hours to days, safety precautions with respect to wearing masks, gloves, sanitizing hands and maintaining personal hygiene is very important. It is extremely challenging to enforce these preventive and precautionary recommendations in large public areas like hospitals, grocery stores, airports, railway stations and it would also need manpower which can prove risky to their health too. Hence, the AI-powered crowd analytics system identifies any unusual crowd movement, tracks group gatherings and also counts people in real-time at public areas using existing surveillance and traffic cameras. With the use of surveillance cameras combined with thermal imaging, we can identify the following metrics in a contactless way without endangering the health of enforcement personnel:

  • Temperature sensing for people with high fever (> 100 def F)
  • Whether the mask is worn or not along with classification (N95 vs normal).
  • Whether gloves are worn on not.
  • Hands were sanitized before and after leaving the premises.
  • People coughing or sneezing without masks on various surfaces.
  • Detect and alert violations around social distancing by crowd monitoring.

People violating any one or more of the metrics will be identified, tracked and their faces shall be saved in the databases and alerted to the concerned authorities in the premises for violation of social distancing and personal hygiene. The saved face images could be added to the “violator repository” and used to identify people if they are tested positive for COVID-19 later. Based on tracks of the identified persons, the disinfection of those areas can be performed to prevent any further chances of spread to healthy individuals. Also, all people who might have come in contact with the identified person will be notified to maintain caution and advised to practice stricter personal hygiene to prevent the emergence of diseases. It is a move to make premises safer for people to move freely in the current situation where prevention of a community transfer is in progress. It is a major step towards enforcing social distancing and personal hygiene on a large scale using existing infrastructure. 

Thermal Imaging and Crowd Analytics

Aindra Labs offers contact tracer and movement tracker using existing capabilities to trace and track people’s movements in quarantine areas/ lockdown regions.

Contact tracing is the process of identifying those with close contact with infected patients. The app can instantly tell users if they have crossed paths with someone known to have been infected with the coronavirus.

The app takes location data from the user’s phone and compares it with the information in Health Ministry servers regarding the location histories of confirmed cases during the 14 days before their diagnosis.

If there is a match, the user will be notified and can report to the Health Ministry accordingly. If there is no match, then it will be notified that no point of intersection has been found.

Contact Tracing and Movement Tracking

As pioneers in AI we are not only trying to look into the immediate problem but also keep it from happening again. It was always known after the 1918 pandemic (Spanish flu) another pandemic was just coming and the only question was “When”? 
We are also looking forward to connecting and collaborating with relevant stakeholders who can do their bit by leveraging our technology at the ground level to prevent, detect and respond to this COVID-19 pandemic and work closely with us for the long term as well. It resonates deeply with our vision and mission.