“Attendance registers to be a thing of the past in Tamil Nadu Schools” – The Times of India, 10th December 2018

Government schools in Tamil Nadu are moving to a computer vision and machine learning based smart attendance system, a product developed by Aindra Labs. The state schools will now be able to record attendance using face recognition on a simple smartphone, reducing effort, the time taken and can derive actionable insights. The project is being piloted in TN by ICET – AIndra and will soon be implemented in 10,000 schools in the state in Phase 1.

“It usually takes 10 minutes for teachers to complete the attendance process for students every day. Under the new system, they will be able to scan the face of each student when he/she enters the classroom” – K A Sengottaiyan, Minister of School Education, Tamil Nadu

ICET and AIndra Co Founders with education Minister in Tamil Nadu Govt. School

ICET and AIndra Co Founders with education Minister in Tamil Nadu Govt. School

ICET and AIndra Labs Co-Founders with Education Minister in Tamil Nadu Govt. School


    • Manual attendance is tedious and time-consuming
    • Teachers spend their precious teaching time in administrative tasks
  • It is inherently vulnerable to proxies and manual errors


The system will work on face recognition where each student in the class will be photographed and their details will be stored in a server. The teacher can then record the attendance by just clicking some pictures of the classroom. The system will recognize the faces and verify the presence or absence of each student.


  • Reduce efforts. This system will allow the teachers to record the attendance of the entire class by using a smartphone, reducing both time and effort. This means less admin work for our teachers, freeing them to be more productive in the classroom.
  • Eliminate human error. Based on artificial intelligence, this system will completely eliminate any chances of human error. The system is equipped with state of the art face detection and recognition algorithms, making it completely foolproof.
  • Tackle proxy attendance. With face recognition in place, students will now be unable to mark proxy attendance.

“As per the artificial intelligence based smart attendance system, the teacher need not call out the names for taking attendance,” – Sreedhar Naria, CEO and Founder of ICET Solutions

With the easy availability of mobile devices with high-quality cameras, facial recognition is fast gaining popularity and will soon enter other domains as well. Please see the infographic below to find out more about this project.

“AIndra’s patent-pending technology is one of its kind to be able to process facial recognition at a scale level using just a low-end smartphone”. – Cofounder AIndra Labs Ritabrata Bhaumik.