Identifying objects or even individuals from pictures taken through normal smartphone cameras is possible today due to recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), the next big thing in technology. AI has not yet been completely democratized as it is not readily available for reasons like cost of components, computing and return on investment issues.

But these days computing is becoming cheaper, research-and-development on AI is increasing, and all these factors have made AI, Computer Vision (CV) and Machine-Learning (ML) available at a more economically-viable cost. Many innovative start-ups have developed Apps and softwares that are capable of face & object recognition from pictures taken on smartphones/webcams etc. using the latest advancements in the field of Computer Vision. Few of such promising Start-ups working on Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence are listed below :


  1. Mashgin– The Startup is building a Retail checkout kiosk using computer vision. The kiosk can identify multiple items simultaneously, in any orientation.
  2. AIndra – Aindra is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Start-up creating Computer-Vision (CV) and Machine-Learning (ML) based products. Aindra’s AI, CV & ML powered platform enables Insurance, FinTech and Logistics companies to leverage visual analytics on their existing images/videos collected from real-life scenarios for automated risk-profiling, damage-estimation etc of insurable assets. Aindra’s CV & ML powered Identity-and-Fraud-Management solution is a platform robust enough to process Facial images captured by any low-cost photo-capturing device like smartphone, IP-camera etc.
  3. Sighthound– Sighthound provides computer vision to developers, embedded device manufacturers, and surveillance software users to enhance their products with the element of Artificial Intelligence.
  4. Oriense – Builds special device driven by Computer Vision and Machine Learning for blind and visually impaired, that solves three major problems : Obstacle avoidance, Geo-navigation and Image Recognition.
  5. GazeHawk – Provides affordable quality eye tracking services that can be used to see what visitors are looking at on a website using simple Web-cams.


PS: These startups have come up with novel solutions for use-cases that have a high growth potential in the market.