What is Face recognition

With the advancement of technologies each and every day, humanity is slowly going towards contactless everything. It is quite evident that the future ahead of us will become so much advance that maybe 90%+ things that we are doing right now will be either automated or become contactless. One such advancement will be the facial recognition technology or the FR tech, which is the prime focus of this article. 

Facial recognition technology is a system or software which is capable enough to verify the identity of a person from analyzing an image or video footage. Some of the technologies or software are so advanced that even blurred pictures are sometimes rendered enough and analyzed to know the identity of the person. So much are the advantages of this system that it would take a long article to note down each and every one of them. But today, our prime focus will be on one of the many applications of facial recognition technology, and that is using face recognition based attendance system.

Advantages of using FR for attendance system

Automated time tracking system

Offices or workplaces or even just public places where the entry and exit times of employees or a person are strictly noted down will have a ready-made automated system to record the entry and exit time of each person for a given time. It won’t even need the person to stop and click a photo, the software’s are advanced enough to record the data from a continuous reel also. This means the flow won’t get hampered, or you won’t have to stop and smile or something like that. Just enter or exit the place effortlessly like you do everyday and boom! Your attendance will be recorded without any fuss!.


Since the whole process will be done by a computer, it means the total attendance registration and calculation will be automated and done by the system itself, therefore, saving us the money which would have been otherwise spent on the labor cost to do that.

Increased security

Face recognition based attendance system won’t just calculate attendance but also note down the entry and exits of visitors in the place. At times when there is a situation where the identity and time of entry and exit of a specific person need to be noted, this system would become handy as it will easily show you when he/she came in and what are the places he/she went to a very precise level. All of this means, you will have a much higher security level in your workplace.

Time saving

The whole world is suffering from COVID19 and it is high time we must give heed to social distancing. Having a safe distance with others has become a necessity nowadays. Times like this can be problematic if you have manual attendance system, Having a Face recognition based attendance system will not only allow you to register the attendance of a person but also keep you at a safe distance from them as you can work remotely and still see who all are coming and going. This calls for the point that, this whole system is a much safer, time-saving, and faster method to record attendance.

Easy to manage

Since the artificial intelligence based attendance system is fully automated, managing the records and keeping a track of day to day activities will become much easier than the manual system. Everything will be done by the system. Many software are programmed in such a way that it shows the exact time of how many hours or minutes a person worked on his/her desk in the day. All this is can be done on a very large scale. Just imagine, recording the activities of a large crowd of 200 people simultaneously without any fuss and recording it at the same time in an organized manner!. Such is the power of AI in face recognition.

Disadvantages of using FR for attendance system

If in the wrong hands, it will be a disaster

Just like we have already read that, the touchless biometric attendance system will record everything and is a handy method to analyze and register a person’s activities, if in wrong hands can cause a serious level of the privacy breach. Governments in some of the most treacherous countries in the world use this technology to analyze the activities of their citizens. Which means you won’t be able to go anywhere without the government knowing. Cases, where a particular person or a group uses contactless biometric attendance, will mean, they can easily monitor the whereabouts of a person meaning you will be tracked at all times. This means that AI in Face recognition system can be easily worked against us.

Data privacy breach

Data in these systems means, billions of pictures and god knows, 1000s of hours of video footage saved into a hard drive. This calls for the point when this hard drive gets hacked or smuggled to get data of a particular person. The data can be easily tampered and used to in against a particular organization or person. Which can be very much dangerous. Therefore, companies that use Artificial intelligence based attendance system have a very strict security to safeguard the information of their employees.

Low reliability

Some times there have been instances where the identity of a person is not able to get verified. There have been also cases where the identity of a person is verified with another person’s identity. This means a person who is “X” is recognized as “Y” instead of “X”. Times like this can be misused as criminals can loot or commit a crime in the name of other people. This means, that even though we have achieved a lot of advancement in the technology sector, there will always be a small gap between us and the ideal system.

Lack of regulations in the AI in Face recognition systems

We can already guess how a particular Artificial intelligence based attendance system can be misused. In addition to all these, the govt across the whole world don’t have a particular policy or regulations to regulate the usage of touchless biometric attendance system. Some cities and places in the world have already banned this system considering the amount of threat it can cause to the people. While there are some places in the world where usage of face recognition based attendance system is already under progress but without any regulation. Which means lakhs of people’s data is already under threat.

Keeping all these things in mind, the advantages of Artificial intelligence based attendance system are many, but so are the disadvantages. But we can see that this system will be much better if all the processes are regulated and taken care of. The first point will be:-

Proper rules and regulations while setting up and using touchless biometric attendance system. Companies or organizations should be warned on what level the information of people can be used or shared. Keeping the sharing freedom to the least extent possible, the government can easily consult experts and set up policies particularly based on this Artificial intelligence based attendance systems.

Secondly, companies or organizations should pay much attention to the security of the information rather than other things in setting up this system. The major setup that this whole contactless biometric attendance will need is a small camera at the entry and exit points of the rooms and a computer and a storage device to store the data. All this won’t take more than 2×2″ space. So, keeping these things aside, people should be much more advanced and strict when it comes to the security of this system.

Thirdly, face recognition based attendance system should be worked more and more every day to take it closer to the ideal system that we need. The algorithms should be worked upon and data set that is feed initially to the system should be much larger to remove glitches. Keeping in mind, the glitches that this system can cause can be much disastrous in situations where a person gets paid on a “no work no pay” policy job. He/she may get marked absent on a particular day even if he had come, just because the contactless biometric attendance system was faulty and not accurate enough to register his face. At police stations or courts where the identity of a person is identified using this technology, it may cause some serious trouble if a particular person is identified as someone else in the records. This will not only create a problem but also allow criminals to make use of this flaw every time they commit a crime.


No one is perfect, but humanity is inching closer to a more advanced civilization every day. Every technology that comes for the first time has many flaws and disadvantages. But all of this gets rectified slowly and steadily with time. Who would have thought that airplane for just a single person built by Wright brothers once would one day carry 1000s of tons of cargo at one go? These things take time to get perfect. Who knows what all we will be able to do with artificial intelligence in the future. This is all just a beginning. Let’s see and enjoy this beautiful journey till it lasts.