With so much recent progress in Facial Recognition and more debatably China seeming to win the race for Facial Recognition Technology breakthroughs, we wanted to start a list regarding the few of the most impactful use cases Facial Recognition Technology:

  1. Municipality workers Face Recognition based Wages: When was the last you imagined the Sewage workers who are taking care of cleaning the weirdest stuff from our city drainage system get paid based on their time-based effort and their presence at the expected time & location? These days it is determined by face recognition technology. Smartphone-based facial biometrics system makes this possible, it captures group faces of any blue-collar workers without having a dependency on any internet, power supply or wiring challenges prevalent in traditional hardware systems
  2. The 2020 Olympics will give more than 3,00,000 athletes freedom to access more than 40 plus venue spread across the Tokyo city free by levering Facial Recognition technology. This technology will also enable a similar facility for the staff, volunteers, and journalists at the games. This is the first time that facial recognition technology will be used for exceptional value-added and seamless experience at the Olympics. The planned system is supposed to address several unique security considerations for the upcoming games and also reduce waiting time prevalent in the traditional security systems. 
  3. FR based HNI identification for banks: HNI greeting and alerts when walking into the Bank branch offices: With AI-powered Face Recognition System, the bank managers and respective relationship managers will come to learn in real-time when their valuable High Net-worth Individual clients will walk next time into their respective branches offices. By notifying the concerned authority using facial recognition technology trained to identify HNI customers, one is offering greetings to the VIP/HNI customers while giving them personalized services based on their current position and historical transactions.
  4. Conventional Neural Network which initially designed to push Facial recognition technology, the same technology is now leveraged by National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) for predicting extreme weather events and their austerity. Storms that produce hail can have large, damaging impacts on agriculture, property, and even wildlife and responsible for billions of dollars of damage every year. Convolution Neural Network (CNN) can identify patterns based on the historical data to locate specific storm features that can determine the formation of hail, and how large the hailstones. 
  5. Background verification of your drivers and servants to check against open-source offenders database. It has been established that sexual offenders and rape violators have psychology to repeat the incident. It is critical for the ones looking for new drivers and servant to verify if their new caretaker is not one of them. Such offenders can be identified using facial recognition technology whenever we are welcoming helpers, drivers, servants or caretakers in our family especially when it is for our kids. Facial recognition technology mines through the existing mug shots of facial images of all rape offenders when a scanned facial image is given for background check using Smartphones. Chances are that the algorithm will suggest a few top matches and one must take the responsibility to further verify if the new caretaker is not one of them.