The Challenge.

  • Target (ship, aircraft, guided missiles etc) Detection and Identification using Radar images from Satellites and Airborne platforms for defense applications.
  • Target detection especially detection of relatively small targets is very challenging problem in image processing. Targets are represented by little number of pixel in ISAR / SAR images and also the noise is pretty much.
  • ISAR images are quite different from optical images and are usually much more difficult to understand as these images have severe and unavoidable geometric distortion compared with optical images; and do not contain rational information such as colour and texture of the target surface which is crucial for target discrimination and classification

The Solution.

  • Target Detection is done using Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (ISAR) images as it is significant for marine monitoring and defense applications especially for the reason that ISAR can operate in all daylight and in all weather conditions.
  • Target Identification is done using unique customized state of the art deep learning algorithms. The features of ISAR imagery are very effective in identifying the radar targets such as aircrafts, battleships, guided missiles and military vehicles than that of the imagery of other imaging radars existing today.

The Impact.

Time Saving

Improve Operation

Enhanced and accurate aerial military reconnaissance and aerial surveillance of land, sea and air.

Saves Resources

Automated target identification

State of the art automated target identification capabilities without operator intervention

Low on cost

Save Cost

Safeguarding territory by accurately processing visual data based on Change Detection, Image Segmentation, Background noise subtraction. This is a pioneering technology to process visual data using Satellite images.

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