The Challenge.

  • The developing regions like Karnataka, India and other similar states have many impediments to growth, and road traffic jams have and will be a major problem causing massive delays, increased fuel wastage, pollution, carbon emission and monetary losses.
  • The fast-changing regional landscape has led to limited planned road networks. Due to this reason the road networks and small city areas become the hot-spots for congestion and ineffective and manual traffic management around these hotspots potentially results in extended traffic jams.
  • Furthermore, there is an ongoing mass urbanization movement, with more people moving to urban areas and as more people congregate in cities, existing city infrastructures that are already aging and nearing their capacities face even more challenges to support the growing number of residents.

The Solution.

  • Intelligent transport systems (ITS) are used to add information and communications technologies to transport infrastructure and vehicles which can result in major improvements in safety, network management, information provision, environmental management, integration, accessibility and public perception.
  • Aindra-Intellivision is a Visual Analytics Platform which turns any traffic monitoring camera into an intelligent device. Specifically built for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Aindra-Intellivision monitors digital video streams of traffic cameras to immediately detect incidents and continuously collect real-time traffic data.
  • Using existing camera infrastructure, Aindra-Intellivision helps traffic managers make proactive decisions based on immediate incident alerts that are visually verifiable, providing more information about what is happening on roads, signals, highways, bridges and tunnels.

Below are some of the capabilities of the ITMS platform :

  • Vehicle detection & counting
  • Red light Violation Detection
  • Vehicle Classification
  • Wrong-way Driving
  • Traffic Congestions
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition
  • Stopped Vehicle
  • Over speed detection and flagging
  • Intrusion detection
  • Suspicious Incidences (Object Detection)
  • Illegal Parking
  • Traffic Slowdown/Congestion
  • Truck /Slow Vehicle in High Speed Lane
  • Option available for Automatic Challan System
  • Automatic Notification / SMS System for alerts
  • Recommendations for adaptive traffic signal system
  • Yellow Box Violations
  • Debris on the Road
  • Hard shoulder driving
  • Tripwire detection
  • Decision Support System
  • System Configuration Tools – calibration, detection zones, alarm thresholds and configuration
  • Advanced suspicious incidents (Loitering/Crowding of People)
  • Pedestrian People counting
  • Demographics (Age/Gender estimation)
AIndra Smart City

Vehicle Identification

Vehicle Identification

Wrong way detection

AIndra Smart City

Vehicle classification and counting

The Impact.

Time Saving

Improve Operation

Greater freedom of mobility within the city due to minimalistic congestion

Low on cost

Save Cost

Cutting down 60% of the time wasted in traffic congestion and making travel between 2 points faster by almost 80% efficiency


Real-time Analytics

Real-time traffic analytics enables proactive measures and control on the traffic movement and emergency situations.

economic growth

Economic Growth

Transparent and smooth urban movement enables accelerated trade and overall economic growth of the state and well being of people

Minimizing on carbon

Reduce Pollution

Minimizing on carbon emission as there won’t be vehicles stuck in traffic and wasting their valuable time, fuel and precious resources

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