With the increasing world population, the number of problems has increased. The problems associated with our social environment have tremendously increased. These problems involve pollution, hunger problems, traffic issues, health issues, etc. The problem to focus on today is Traffic.

In the past few decades, traffic congestion has extremely increased. The solution to this traffic congestion is some digital or intelligent system that could help in better flow of traffic and less congestion. It is the time when we should leave behind our antique systems and apply new technology and innovations in our lives. As it is quite difficult to widen the roads or make the cars small but it is possible to control them efficiently and in a better way. One of the possible solutions is an intelligent system with controls the system in a better way than the conventional ways.

If we see the conventional traffic management system, some of the traffic signals are automatic signals which use timers and some of them are manual in which a traffic warden is standing who changes the signal according to the traffic condition. The problem arises when there’s a signal with timer and there is no traffic from the opposite side, but still, some people have to wait till the timer ends. This causes a huge traffic line in that opposite direction. The other problem is that the warden may provide large time to one side by mistake, which again creates a huge line in the opposite direction. Another problem is of over-speeding. Some unreasonable people of the society violate the rules which if for their own betterment. Over-speeding can cause fatal accidents and deaths too. The conventional method is to use a speed checking camera. If a vehicle crosses the speed limit, the camera tells the speed and the traffic warden runs his car behind that vehicle, stops him and gives him a warning in the form of a “Challan”.

To overcome these problems, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used; where Artificial Intelligence is to simulate the intelligence of human beings which is processed by computers. These processes consist of “procurement” of data and information and manipulation of the data and “reasoning” which is using rules to reach some results and self-improvement. Nowadays this technology is being applied in different fields of life; traffic management system is one of them. According to the BBC, Artificial Intelligence can end traffic jams. Artificial Intelligence should not be used because it’s a trending thing; it should be used because it can help in building a better and smart society. Almost every developed state is now using or trying to implement artificial intelligence in their traffic management systems to avoid accidents. The question is how it works? Sensors are installed everywhere; in parking places, traffic control signals and at the intersection of roads, which use Artificial Intelligence to accumulate helpful data for the government officials to plan their city initiatives in an efficient manner. A radar-based monitoring system can also be applied, which is currently being used in New Delhi, India. High-resolution CCTV cameras are also applied to take a snap of vehicles which break the rules and violate laws. “Automated Number Plate Recognition Cameras” (ANPR) is applied which directly send the Challan (fine slip) to the residence law violators. The raw data which collected is extremely bigger than what humans can see, manipulate and evaluate. This is the point where the role of Artificial Intelligence takes place. It can help in keeping a count of a huge number of pedestrians, automobiles, or any other movements and also keeps a track on their speeds. It can also do face recognition, vehicle number plate reading and evaluate and manipulate all satellite data up to a high extent to create patterns essential for the development of cities.

As the world population is increasing, the traffic is also increasing. We can do nothing to slow down the pace with which the population of the world is increasing but what we can control is traffic. So it is important to come up with some idea to help out the problems occurring in traffic management. The use of Artificial Intelligence can enable us to control the traffic in a better and efficient way. It helps to control traffic and save human lives. Many developed countries are using this technique nowadays and this is spreading day by day in this global village.