Counting inventory manually can be very difficult especially if the amount is big. Imagine the scale of errors, delays and distress that can cause. Counting material is a very time-consuming and hence not at all scalable activity but at the same time its requirement is high.

The Challenge

A Fortune 500 forestry company based in Latin America was using drones to capture images of the heaps of wooden logs which were spread over miles. These wooden logs are sold to various timber and furniture manufacturers and need to be counted to manage inventory and supply. The counting process was delaying the sales process. Not only was it time-consuming to count logs using drones but it was also prone to errors. Even though the drones were meant to improve the process but there were still some challenges faced.

  • This process still required manual efforts making it very difficult to scale it during the peak sales season. Which sometimes resulted in the loss of business.
  • There was still scope for human error.
  • Collusion between workers and vendor, led to dissatisfaction among the buyers

At AIndra Labs, we have a built a better way to count the inventory using artificial intelligence.

The Solution:

SmartCount™ is a Cloud-based solution with the capability to process all the images captured by the drones for the forestry companies in real time. This video analytics platform is capable of counting wooden logs, measure quality and volume of wooden logs by processing the images taken by drones.

The Benefit:

  1. SmartCount™ can process images captured from any camera-enabled device such as smartphones, Cameras, Drones and Surveillance cams. Hence the organizations can leverage their existing infrastructures, saving both time and money.
  2. Seamless Customer On-boarding
  3. Cost effective and free from human error
  4. The automated counting results can be visually audited in less than a second
  5. Video Analytics platform provides additional information to make better-informed business decisions. It also enables timber merchant to verify the inventory before paying.
  6. Improved customer satisfaction
  7. Reducing the scope of corrupt collusion between workers and vendors significantly.
  8. Zero Capex cost and high on adaptability, hence provides a competitive edge
  9. Self-adaptive intelligent solution robust enough to count any kind of inventory.


  • Saves time
    80% less time taken to count wooden logs at the time of sale, making it almost real-time.
  • Reduces error
    12% operational cost saved due to less counting errors and accurate detection.
  • Increases Revenue
    Processes more logs in the same time, increasing efficiency and revenue.