The Challenge.

  • Supporting marketing and sales in demand forecasting
  • Understanding who your customers are and what they want to minimize the return/drop out rates
  • Boosting customer satisfaction

The Solution.

Using existing or new surveillance cameras within store, we process the video footage captured in real time from various entrance gates or strategic locations. The visual analytics engine can process the video frames and provide following insights:

Heat Map & Demographics to Measure Store Performance:

  • Age & Gender demographics and performance of promotional activities appeal to certain demographics
  • Weekday Statistics
  • Low Visited Stores
  • Statistical data growth in terms of number of visitors
  • Rush Hour Time of every day for each store
  • Alerts on Q-length exceeding, unattended POS Systems

People counting Solution to Meet Staffing Needs & to Re-align Promotional Campaigns

  • Sales revenue with respect to traffic
  • Staffing needs
  • The success of promotional activities
  • How different outlets are performing and what are well-performing outlets doing differently from poorly-performing ones

Facial Recognition Based Loyalty Program for Increasing the revenue

  • Facial Recognition Based Loyal Customer Identification for personalised offering & loyalty programs
  • Facial Recognition Based Employee/staff attendance

The Impact.

High Revenue

High Revenue

Increase in revenue

Increase In Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Increase In Customer Satisfaction

Low on cost

Low on cost

Optimized staffing needs

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