Product Analytics.

‘Planograms & Inventory tracking in Retail’


One of the ways FMCG companies invest on product marketing is by recommending shopping complex owners and retailers to display their product in accordance to the planogram. It should be strictly followed by retailers for enhanced merchandising, customer-product engagement and retail space planning. Also, while following the recommended planogram is important, its critical to sales/business to ensure the inventory and availability of the product on these shelf at the point of sale is keeping up with constant demand.

Key Challenges.

  • Wrt to inventory, the current process of placing the product on shelf is extremely time consuming, manual and vulnerable to errors.
  • Absence of a reliable mechanism to time to time place the expected product quantities on the shelf (refilling) leads to manifold loss of business.
  • Recommending Planograms in accordance to product category, historical transactions, geographical locations of the retail outlet, customer profiles etc is a time consuming process
  • An absence of fool proof mechanism to verify if the retail outlet is indeed meeting the recommendations around product marketing planogram standards set by FMCG companies
  • Absence of a scalable mechanism to enforce no other competing products are placed under the agreed planogramic arrangement
  • The manual auditing process to check product and its placement etc by field staff is vulnerable, time consuming and non scalable.

The Solution.

Aindra Product Analytics

Product Analytics

  • Capability to verify the predetermined planogramic arrangement for FMCG products using images captured via cameras
  • Our platform can disrupt the following retail shop marketing strategies-
    • Notify the FMCG company’s relevant stake holders if the expected planogram design is not in accordance with the predetermined planogramic template
    • Notify if shelf inventory is not meeting the expected demand
    • Notify the FMCG company’s relevant stake holders if there is any other competitors product creeping into the said brand’s shelf arrangement
Aindra Customer Analytics

Customer Analytics

  • Customer Heat maps
  • Customer counting
  • Interaction time b/w sales officer and customers
  • Bounce Rate
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Demographic overview

The Impact.

Increase sales


Improve customer experience

customer experience

Accurate in-store data

in-store data